Roslyn Labuschagne Dietitian

Roslyn Labuschagne


Hello, my name is Roslyn Labuschagne and I am so pleased to meet you.


I studied at Nelson Mandela University and graduated in 2018.


Although an unhealthy relationship with food led me to my degree, it has allowed me to understand many of the struggles my clients face today.


I am passionate about diabetes prevention and management. I grew up watching diabetes rob my family members from living a quality life. My community service year opened my eyes to the extent of the diseases’ prevalence and the consequences of poor management.


I could see the gaps in knowledge of those who had been diagnosed and a greater desire grew in me to close these gaps. Poor management came primarily from a lack of understanding on what the condition was and how to appropriately prevent and treat it.


Do we understand what we are doing to our bodies when we make our food choices? Food is more than its calorie content; and each food group has its role in our overall well being.


We all want to LOOK good, but do we FEEL good; and are we HEALTHY?


Weight loss and prevention of disease are natural by-products of NOURISHING your body.


All we need is knowledge. This is the reason I am so passionate about educating around the ‘WHY? and ‘ ‘HOW?’ questions that my clients have.


Let’s journey…


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