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Do you want to achieve nutritional wellness? Are you struggling to effectively lose weight?
Have you recently been diagnosed with a medical condition such as high cholesterol, diabetes or IBS? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then a consultation with me will definitely benefit you!

BestMed Wellness Dietitian

Vitality Dietitian

Medical Aid Contracted Dietitian

DNAlysis Testing

OptiFast Program

Allergy Testing

Sports Nutrition & Meal Plans

Chronic Illness Nutrition Management

InBody 270 Scale Assessment

Ongoing Education & Accountability

23 Baby Cup

Infant Nutrition


We value educating our clients on how to make better nutritional choices beyond their meal plans.


The use of technology is one of the means we take advantage of to make this process easier for our clients.


We believe that if a client understands the ‘WHY’ behind our recommendations that they will then be more willing and motivated to make the nutritional changes that are necessary.


Meal plans can be limiting and this is why we encourage our clients to take advantage of the educational sessions.


The sessions empower clients by giving them the freedom of being able to find easy alternatives to suit their taste bud preferences.


By completing all the educational material we have to offer regarding making meal plans, the client will even be able to customize their recipes according to their family’s requirements and preferences.


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